Seth’s life has seemingly been one of solitude, never feeling he has belonged to anyone or anything. Orphaned as a baby, having a traditional family is a distant foreign concept that he can only wonder at like the beauty of a twinkling star amongst its kind. He knows he may never belong to that which he longs for the most. As his fifteenth birthday nears, his hope seems to diminish completely. But Seth is unaware of the new day that is about to dawn for him. His mundane life is about to change forever. 

Another world looms ahead for Seth and his three friends. They will be swept into a world that is beyond imagination and the antithesis of the only world he has ever known. Together, they will find themselves being directed along a path in an exciting yet frightening adventure. They will become warriors trained by creature races that will teach them, The Way. The Way of Nevia…challenging their extremes…rewarding their lives… 

Seth and his comrades will find themselves up against incredible odds of evil with a race hellbent on the destruction of Nevia, this world that becomes his home. But this will not be his greatest challenge. His real challenge will be a crossroad, one that will force Seth to make a choice. He will be tested and tried in more than one way and to his wit's end. How will he resolve this struggle? Loyalty to friendship or duty? His charge will be finding a way to come out of it all with his virtues intact.  

Be a part of the transformation of the life of Seth, from boy to man. Grow with him in his adventures of magic, battle, love, betrayal, and loyalty as he becomes a warrior… A man with a destiny. A destiny to belong…  



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